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Our trucks are fitted out with camera observation facilities while the horse is in transit for safety.

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Equine Transport Consultants PTY LTD has over 45 years of expertise in the horse transport industry.

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Equine Transport Consultants Pty Ltd

Equine Transport Consultants Pty Ltd Melbourne has over five decades of experience in the horse transport industry.

Throughout the years, they have developed an expert system and know exactly what your animal needs during transportation.

Transporting a horse is not a simple task and there is only one name which you should trust when it comes to  transporting horses.

Allen will make sure that your horse is transported safely with his expertise.
You don’t want your horse being stressed during transportation, so why should you get stressed also?

With our horse transport staff taking care of your animal, you can put your worries to rest.
Still harbouring some doubts as to whether our horse transport is the best?
Perhaps the half a century worth of experience can calm your nerves.

Our expert horse transport services include camera observation facilities while your horse is in transit.
That’s just one way we provide customer satisfaction as well as constant livestock protection and care.

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